Service Specials

One Year Basic Maintenance

Accelerated Service


Take advantage of our Accelerated Service and be in/out and on your way in under 45 minutes

        *Appointment or No Appointment

        *Oil and Filter Change

        *Tire Rotation

        *Vital Fluids Inspection/Top-Off

        *Alignment Inspection

        *Car Wash and Vacuum (weather permitting)

        *Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection

Some models may vary. Full synthetic as required for some models at additional cost.* Consult your service representative for details.  Expires: 06/30/2018

wheel icon

Optimized Wheel Alignment

Expires: June 30, 2018

Make sure your vehicle handles as it should by taking advantage of our Optimized Wheel Alignment to help you stay in control.

To maintain the handling you value, we:

        *Use computerized equipment to adjust your Acura

        *Adjust tire air pressures, inspect suspension, tires and wheels

        *Road test for quality control.

        *Provide you a computerized printout.

        *Includes complimentary 27-point quality inspection.

        *Car wash and vacuum (weather permitting)

Help preserve your Acura’s exceptional handling especially when the ever-changing road conditions demand it!

Expires: 06/30/2018

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Timing Belt Replacement

Save $100

The last thing you want is to be stranded along the road and possibly internal engine damage due to a broken timing belt.

Take advantage of our Timing Belt Replacement Special. 

Our Acura-Trained Technicians will:

        *Replace timing belt

        *Inspect timing belt tensioner

        *Inspect water pump

        *Inspect accessory drive belts and cooling system hoses

        *Includes car wash and vacuum (weather permitting) along with complimentary multi-point inspection.* Consult your service representative for details.

Expires 06/30/2018

battery icon

Battery Replacement

Expires: June 30, 2018
$109.95 (most models)

Why take a chance! Be sure your cars battery is up for the challenge of starting and maintaining the electrical power your vehicle demands every day!

Our experts will put your mind at ease.

        *Install an Acura Genuine Battery

        *Clean cables and inspect alternator belt.

        *Check charging system performance.

        *This offer includes a discount on our 100-month battery.

        *Some models may vary. Consult your service representative for details.

Expires 06/30/2018

brakes icon

Quality Brake Service

Stop by for Quality Brake Service and make sure your brakes continue to work as they were designed.

        Why trust your brakes to anyone else? Our trained technicians have experience servicing top-performing vehicles like yours. They’ll carefully inspect your braking system and install Genuine Acura components for superior performance. Consult your service representative for details.

4 tires icon

Acura Tires

Make sure the tires on your Acura are ready for the ever changing road conditions that lie ahead.

        Nothing beats the original tires that came on your car. The manufacturers make sure that the tires they put on your vehicle are the absolute best quality and fit. OEM tires are the safest and most reliable choice when it comes to tire replacement. We know your Acura and we know the tires that should be on it. With very competitive prices and Acura trained technicians we will install the right tires at the right price. Let us make sure your tires are ready for all the travel conditions that lie ahead. Consult your service representative for details.

oil change icon

All Wheel Drive Rear Differential Fluid Special!

Expires: June 30, 2018

            Let our trained technicians make sure the all-wheel drive system in your vehicle is performing the way it was designed.  Includes drain and refill rear differential with Acura genuine differential fluid, inspect all-wheel-drive components including shafts, seals, joints, boots, and road test. Complimentary multi-point inspection included along with car wash and vacuum (weather permitting).

Expires 06/30/2018

air filter icon

Engine Coolant Drain and Refill Special!

Expires: June 30, 2018

            Make sure your heating and cooling system is ready for the changing weather conditions. Our trained technicians will drain and refill your cooling system with up to 2 gallons of genuine Acura anti-freeze/coolant, and inspect all system components to ensure proper operation and keep your cooling system performing as designed.

Expires 06/30/2018